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Game Box

Each tabletop game starts from package. We highly believe that package can attract end users’ eye when standing on a shelf. In order to satisfy customer – high quality package is a must. There are plenty of options available, and we have produced most of them.

Two-piece box, Pizza Box, Tuck Box, Window Box, Magnetic Box

Trays / Organizers

Well-designed trays or organizers helps to keep your content in order and protects components. Would it be carboard insert or plastic vacuum formed tray – we can help you organize it all!

Rulebook / Booklet

Most of the tabletop games content and/or main rules are printed on high quality art paper. Depending on volume and size, booklets have stitched, perfect bound, sewn-glued, and spiral (wire-o) softcover binding. There are various options of choosing different type of cover paper and protective finishing.

RPG books / Core books

Creative finishings (end results) of role-playing books are limited only by your imagination. We can prove this and offer unique cover material, deep embossing combined with few hot foil stamps, silk print, edge gilding, metal corners and other stunning options for your limited series.

Cardboard Screen / Game board

These are core products of your game, could be produced in various shapes, folding options and protective finishings. Choosing a right material for your screen or game board will ensure a solid and long-lasting result.


As per customers requirement and budget, there are variety of card materials in high quality for customers choice. We have a lot of experience in this field, and our advice will help you to make a right choice whether it is complete card game, or deck for a board game.

Punchboards / punched items

Produced in different shapes and sizes various punch-outs are important part of each game. There are almost no limits in design and size, thickness, accuracy or distances – our in house equipment will fulfill your needs.


Miniatures are the one of the very sensitive topics for designers and creators – You are willing to get those in highest details, but just recent technology gave us this access: we use couple main techniques depending on quantities and quality demands, silicone injection molding or 3D printing (special dedicated printer and resin for best detail results and elastic miniature)

Board game plastic, wooden, metal components

Common part of the bord game is various plastic, wooden or metal components. Together we can create a custom design of your dice or meeple.

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