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4V Games is a family business, founded to meet the growing needs of high-quality production services in tabletop games market. We are a customer-oriented, small-scale production company that works with clients on a one-stop basis – providing consulting, supply and production services, assembly and delivery of tabletop games. We specialize in working with game developers, designers and publishers who want to turn their ideas into a real product for the highest quality result. Knowledge, experience and modern equipment allow us to offer high-quality prototyping services, game production from 1 copy.

The main focus of 4V Games is to provide professional service, share knowledge and experience with customers. We are proud to be a trusted partner, experienced advisor, and creative friend in every step of your playful game project implementation road.

The main core of the company is two enthusiastic and proactive members: Julija and Viktoras, who attract talented and hard-working colleagues around them in order to fully perform the main tasks of the company.

Julija Valkuniene is co-founder and face of the 4V Games. She has over 15 years of project management experience in print production industry. Past 10 years Julija has dedicated herself to delving into the manufacturing needs of the gaming market. She is constantly looking for most optimal manufacturing options by adapting existing technologies and expanding the production range. Julija’s main strengths are deep knowledge in press production and project management, experience in tabletop game market, empathy, ability to motivate and encourage people. Her technical background and many years of experience allow her to predict the final result and find the most suitable manufacturing solution for each project.

About Us

No matter if you are an independent designer, game developer or a board game publisher, we’re looking forward to cooperate together.

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